Little Princess Sonja –

Kleine Prinzessin Sonja

The Little Princess Sonja lives on the countryside and loves animals. She takes her little bear everywhere and makes up her mind about different things.


Jelka designed the main characters and helped me a lot to finish the paintings for this little series postcards.




Die Kleine Prinzessin Sonja lebt auf dem Land und liebt Tiere. Sie nimmt ihr Bärchen überall mit hin und macht sich so ihre Gedanken.


Jelka hat die Hauptcharaktere entworfen und mir beim Malen dieser kleinen Postkartenserie sehr geholfen.


Horse Language - Pferdesprache

Sonja: „I wish you could talk.”

Pony: "I wish you spoke Horse."



Migrating birds - Zugvögel

Sonja: “Why is it that migrating birds always form an arrow?”

Little Fairy Moni: “So they know which direction to fly.”

Supa Hero - Supa-Held

Sonja: "What's a supa-hero?"

Tommy: "Someone who can save others superly!"




Piggies - Schweinchen

Sonja: "Do you also sometimes wonder about adults?"




Mice - Mäuse

Sonja: "We will keep this our little secret."