The Tony Studies –


Die Tony-Studien


In loving memory of our dear Tony (2000?-20.10.2014)

Grey Scottish terrier mix, 134cm shoulder height, about 12,5 kg.


We adopted him in May 2010. He was very photogenic, so I used

some of our photos and videos to do a series of pencil drawings

to illustrate his daily life.




In liebevoller Erinnerung an unseren lieben Tony (2000?-20.10.2014) Grauer Scottish Terrier-Mix, 34cm Schulterhöhe, etwa 12,5 kg.


Wir adoptierten ihn im Mai 2010. Er war sehr fotogen, also habe ich

nach einigen unserer Fotos und Videos eine Serie von Bleiststiftzeichnungen

gemacht, die sein alltägliches Leben illustrieren.



01 - Food

Tony loves food. He gets tired after a good meal. No snack stays unnoticed, no effort is too big, but some wishes have to stay unfulfilled.


02 - Food part 2

First they loiter around together, then they eat together.

Outside, you always have to watch out so that he doesn't find anything.

It's so good, he could sit in it!


03 - Exercise

Most walks with Tony are rather slow, but his pack can motivate him.

On the string, there's an attractive substitute for prey.

The filled cardboard roll doesn't stand a chance!

Somewhen his strength fades.



04 - Social life

Coming closer for the first time in summer 2010.

Towards strangers, he's polite and self-assured.

An almost not manipulated picture...




05 - Sleep

To prepare a Tony Muffin, all you need is a small cat basket and some patience.

He can become tired everywhere.

A warm oven brings them together.





...sometimes as though you've pressed a button.

He likes coziness.

Sometimes he seems to get lost...

...or stuck somewhere for a short time.



Grooming is necessary.

I the small cat basket again...

Spontaneous Pack Cuddling.

Let's hope he'll never need that thing again!

Together in the summer sun.



We love our Tony... and hope for many more wonderful years.